Frequently Asked Questions

We generally process all orders with 2-4 hours after the purchase was made. However, please allow up to 48 hours before contacting us.

No we do not need your password or any login information. All we need is a URL to your Instagram profile.

We have worked in the social media industry for many years and have never received any complaints of accounts getting banned or suspended from our customers. Our services fully comply with Instgram policies – so there is no chance!

Yes the likes and Followers we are provide 100% real human.

Yes,they are active but it totally depends on the posts on Instagram.If they post is interesting you can expect a lot of activity.

No.The followers and likes we provide will never drop.Even if a single fans drop our system will refill it back automatically.So don’t worried about it.[/toggle]

Yes we do offer other services including: Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest,Youtube

All the payments are processed by a secure payment gateway called ‘PayPal’. So You don’t need to worry about it.